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Dreams really come true

It's not every day that you wish upon a star and it actually comes true.. but in my case, hard work, long nights, and endless hours of baking and decorating has yielded our storefront. Some of you know me from before I opened the store, you used to pickup the cakes in the parking lot at my home and we would chat about the future and how excited I was to open a storefront. I always told my guests to keep your eye open and someday it would happen. Just over seven years after taking my first order at home we had finally began the search for a physical store! The plans and financials seemed solid to me, but little did I know that it wasn't enough. In the day and age where you are fighting large corporations for a space you have to make every concerted effort possible to be the best option. My business plan was 17 pages long and solid, but it always kept coming back to the financials. I was required to have liquidity up to $120k which is a tall ask for a small business startup, an

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